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Control all Infrared remote based devices using Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Android phones






Set Top Box ON

Change AV receiver Input

Decrease TV Volume

Increase AV Receiver Volume

Configure and execute operations in sequence with single button click,

Voice or Schedule automatically

Control using Alexa or Google Home

Turn AC ON

Set temperature to 25

Turn TV ON

Change channel to

Star Sports 1 HD on TV

Increase TV Volume

Schedule Scenes

Adjust AC temperature based on Time

10 p.m. 24 degrees

1 a.m. 25 degrees

5 a.m. 26 degrees

Control using Internet

Turn on AC

Set temperature to 25

before you reach home

local wifi

Use local WiFi network even if Internet not available

Multi phone

Use multiple android phones / tablets simultaneously


Control multiple IRBot devices with single android Application

IR Learning

Learn and replay Infrared codes from any remote

GPIO Technology India Private Limited