IRBot Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the use of personal information by IRBot Android mobile application, IRBotSmartHome Google Home Action, website, and hardware IRBot device, that is created by GPIO Technology India Private Limited.


Information such as email address, user name, location, mobile phone number etc is regarded as personal information. Any information that can be used to personally and uniquely identify user falls into personal information category. Such information may be required by us to provide you with personalized services, security, seamless integration with other third party devices.


User registration is required for using services provided by the app using email accounts. When you use the Application or visit website, you may provide following information:

(a) Your name, email address, unique password for IRBot device, location services

(b) Information provided to us as part of support for using IRBot Android application and related hardware


Information collected by us:

We use third-party cloud services to provide reliable secure Internet Access to users. For creating user login we require user email-id and password. The user is identified using email-id. The user created password is stored securely after encryption and do not appear in clear text in any of our logs debugging information. For improving our services we log the user voice commands to cloud. This includes commands uttered using Google Home. These commands and their responses are logged in cloud for improving user experience. These command includes the information which identifies a device (e.g. TV/Set top box/AC etc) which was operated using IRBot and type of operation that was performed.

IRBot Android application collects the similar information for debugging purposes as mentioned above. This information is never sent to us without user’s consent. User can review the information before it is sent to us.


How do we use this information:

We do not sell, trade or rent any personally identifiable user data to any third parties. The collected user information is used to provide better services, security. Users email address may be used to provide integration with other third party devices.

We may release certain information to comply with the law enforcement agencies on request basis.


Third party dependencies:

The Service may contain features or links to Web sites and Services provided by third parties. Any information you provide on third-party sites or Services is provided directly to the operators of such Services and is subject to those operators’ policies. We are not responsible for the content or privacy and security practices and policies of third-party sites or Services to which links or access are provided through the Service. We encourage you to learn about third parties’ privacy and security policies before providing them with information.

GPIO Technology India Private Limited