Thank you for owning IRBot device. Let’s make your IR controlled devices smart using IRBot device. In case of any issues please contact You can mention your phone number so that we will call back for quicker resolutions.


Important Note:

When you add very first IRBot Device for the first time, IRBot application automatically designate the IRBot Device as Hub. The Hub IRBot device is different from other IRBot devices in two ways. Firstly, the Hub IRBot device is the one which connects to Internet and all other non-Hub IRBot devices access the Internet via Hub IRBot device. Secondly, all the Scenes are always configured in Hub IRBot device. You can check if IRBot device is Hub or not by checking Setup->Device Setup->Device Information, the firmware version shows IRBot device is Hub or not. If IRBot device is Hub, firmware version will show string "Hub" at the end. If you don't see string "Hub" in firmware version, then it is not IRBot Hub device. When you are using more than one IRBot devices it is important to keep Hub IRBot device always powered ON during normal operation so that other IRBot devices can access Internet and Scenes work flawlessly.


Download and Install IRBot Application

Click to download IRBot Application


Notes on how to use IRBot Android Application once configured:

IRBot Android Application User Interface (UI) presents two buttons, one for "Control" on top left corner and other for "Setup" on top right corner. The Control option when clicked allows you to navigate through configured Remotes and Scenes. You can scroll up/down in control options menu when large number of Remotes are configured.

"Setup" option allows you to configure IRBot devices, Users,Remotes,Scenes etc.

Once all remotes are configured you can swipe horizontally (right/left) to navigate to a different Remote. You can scroll vertically (up/down) to access additional buttons of same remote. To quickly jump to a different remote directly you can use "Control" button from top left corner.

The "Control" and "Setup" menus can also be accessed via horizontal swipe actions done near right and left edges of the screen.

During configuration IRBot Application may present a pop up window with a message. If this message is large than the window size and appears to be truncated, you can scroll vertically through the message to see rest of the message.


IRBot Device Setup

  1. For IRBot Device Setup, please make sure that Android Phone and IRBot Device are within reasonable WiFi range of your WiFi router. Poor WiFi signals during Device Setup may result in incomplete operation. If you don't have WiFi router and still want to use IRBot without WiFi router please follow steps mentioned in next section.

  2. If you are adding the IRBot Device for very first time then skip to next step. If you have already added at least one IRBot device earlier, please make sure that all other IRBot devices are powered ON and connected to WiFi router and then use Setup->Remotes->Reload Remotes option before performing Device Setup for new IRBot device. (Please read Troubleshooting section, "More than one IRBot devices configured as Hub" to know why these steps are necessary and important)

  1. Plug the provided power adapter with IRBot device using micro USB connector at the back of IRBot device. Power up IRBot device using provided adapter. Please always use provided power adapter with IRBot. One should see red LED in front glowing after powering on.

  2. Enable WiFi on your Android phone and connect phone to your usual to home router.

  3. Now open IRBot app and click on “add device” option. If you are prompted for enabling the Location Access, please enable Location Access from Android settings and then try again.

  4. In the next screen you should see your your Home WiFI router name selected automatically. Enter your “Router Password”. IRBot “device serialId” (xxyyzz) will be selected automatically. Select room name where IRBot device is installed from the drop down list and press OK.

  5. This will initiate the IRBot device setup process. Once it completes successfully, press OK to finish device setup. Also one should see red and green LED glowing. This indicates that setup is complete and successful

Using IRBot Device without WiFi Router

If you don't have WiFi Router you can still configure and use IRBot by configuring IRBot in WiFi AP mode where IRBot boots with it's own WiFi SSID (Network Name) and Password. In this mode you cant' use Internet connectivity and Alexa integration. You will not be able to Schedule the Scenes as IRBot cannot get current time from Internet. We highly recommend that for better overall experience always use IRBot with WiFi Router.

  1. Plug the provided power adapter with IRBot device using micro USB connector at the back of IRBot device. Power up IRBot device using provided adapter. Please always use provided power adapter with IRBot. One should see red LED in front glowing after powering on.

  2. Open the IRBot Android Application, do not click on default "Add Device" button which is presented. That option adds IRBot Device with WiFi router. Click on "Setup->Device Setup->Add Device" option. Click on "Don't use WiFi Router" and click Next.

  3. On next Screen, enter WiFi Network Name (SSID) you wish to assign to IRBot device, enter desired password and click Next.

  4. IRBot device will reboot and start with given WiFi Network SSID. Now from your Android Phone go to Android WiFi settings and connect to IRBot WiFi Network SSID configured above with given password.

  5. Proceed with adding Remotes and Scenes as mentioned in sections below.


Adding standard Remote to IRBot

  1. Select “Add remote” button option. In the next screen “Select Device” from the drop down menu (eg. Television, Set to box etc).

  2. Also choose “Select Make” from the drop down menu and press OK.

  3. In the next screen press a few provided buttons to check if that remote is working with your device. Press yes, if the remote works and it will add the remote to your IRBot device.

  4. Once you have added required remotes to IRBot device using this process, press “exit setup” button to go to remote screen on IRBot app. Now you can use IRBot device to control other devices.


Adding non-standard Remote to IRBot


Create User Account


Create and Schedule Scenes


For removing Schedule from a Scene, go to Setup->Scenes->Edit Scene option,  Select Page and Scene and click OK, Click on "Click to configure Schedule" De-select all Days and press OK. Then press OK on next screen.

You can configure maximum of 48 Scenes. These Scenes are divided across 4 pages with 12 Scenes on each Page. All Scenes of particular page can be accessed by clicking on Page Name on top in Scenes User Interface.

You can edit the Page Name by using Setup->Scenes->Edit Page Names option.


Update Channel Numbers


Configure Amazon Alexa

After adding all the Remotes and Scenes and creating User Account as per steps mentioned in previous sections perform the following steps to configure Alexa to control your devices using Alexa voice control.

  1. Open IRBot Application and go to Settings=>User=>Upload Configuration. Enter the email ID and password that was used while creating IRBot User Account. This steps uploads all Remotes and Scene database to cloud so that Alexa can perform Device Discovery. When any new Remote/Scene is added or existing Remote/Scene is edited, repeat this step again so that Alexa can Discover newly added/updated Remotes/Scenes

  2. Open Amazon Alexa Application. Goto option "Skills & Games" and search for "IRBotSmartHome" Skill. Click on "IRBotSmartHome" Skill and then Click on "Enable To Use". You will be prompted for Email ID and Password. Enter same Email ID and Password as used in IRBot User Account creation step earlier. Then click on "Sign In".

  3. Next we need to perform "Device Discovery". In the newer version of Alexa Application you are automatically prompted to "Discover Devices". Click on "Discover Devices". If you are not prompted, go to "Add Device" option and select "Other" as device type.and then click on "Discover Devices" button. Wait for Alexa discovery to finish. You will see new Devices and Scenes discovered by Alexa.

  4. We recommend that you create Alexa Routines by selecting IRBot Scenes as Routine Action to perform the desired task via voice control using Alexa. For this, go to Routines in Alexa Application and click on "Add" button. In "When this happens", select "Voice" and enter your desired phrase, e.g. ("Alexa, good morning"). Then click "Next" and select "Add action".  Select "Smart Home" and then select "Control scene".  Select the the Scene of your choice from the list of IRBot Scenes. Click "Add" and then Click "Save". Once saved your Routine is ready to be executed. You can simply say the phrase you entered while creating Routine, "Alexa, good morning" in this example, to execute the corresponding IRBot Scene.


Using IRBot Application from Internet

IRBot Android application is designed to control devices using local WiFi network as well as from Internet. By default IRBot Application controls devices using local WiFi network. This is useful when you are at Home and connected to your WiFi router. If you are outside your Home, you can control your devices using Internet (2G/3G/4G on your phone or even some other WiFi network).

For controlling devices from Internet using IRBot Android Application, your IRBot device must be connected to Internet. Also you need User Account to access your devices securely. Please follow the steps in section "Create User Account" above. These steps will create User Account and also will configure IRBot device so that it connects to Internet.

Once you have created User Account and IRBot device is connected to Internet, you are ready to control your devices from Internet. Note that you can check if IRBot device is connected to Internet or not, by selecting Setup->Device Setup->Device Information option from IRBot Android Application. Now you can simply go to Setup->User->Login User option, enter your email id and password provided during IRBot User Account creation. Once you have successfully logged in, you can use all Remotes and Scenes as usual from Internet. You will see message showing "Using Internet" on Android App Screen when you are logged in. It is recommended that you use Setup->User->Logout User option once you are back at Home and connected to your local WiFi router. If you do not use Logout User option, IRBot will automatically attempt to login User when IRBot application starts. If you do not use Logout User option when you are back Home and connected to WiFi router, you can still access all devices as usual, but the access will be slower as all communication happens via Internet. To speed up the access, user Logout User option. When you are logged out, you can access devices or local WiFi even if IRBot device and your WiFi router is disconnected from Internet as long as IRBot device and Android Phone is connected to WiFi router.

Note: If you have multiple IRBot devices deployed, the first device added automatically becomes Hub for Internet connectivity. Effectively only one IRBot device connects to Internet and reset of the IRBot devices communicate to Internet via Hub device. Hence it is important to keep Hub IRBot device always powered ON so that Internet connection to rest of the devices work seamlessly.


Enable/Disable Internet on IRBot Device

You can Enable/Disable Internet connection on IRBot Device. If you have multiple IRBot devices deployed, Internet connection can be Enabled/Disabled only by one of the IRBot devices which is designated as Hub. The first ever IRBot device added automatically becomes Hub. You can check if device is Hub or not by Setup->Device Setup->Device Information option, the firmware version number displays additional string if device is hub. All other IRBot devices access Internet via Hub IRBot device.

When Internet connection is disabled, IRBot Device can only be controlled from local WiFi network and cannot be controlled from Internet even after User Login option from Android Application. Internet connection is enabled by default when User Account is created as per "Create User Account" section above.

To Enable or Disable IRBot Device Internet connection go to Setup->Device Setup and select "Enable/Disable Internet Connection" option.

Note: When you Enable Internet, IRBot device will attempt to connect to Internet whenever Internet connectivity is available. If at the time of enabling Internet connectivity the Internet is down the IRBot device will automatically connect to Internet when Internet is available.


Using different Router or changing Router Password

Whenever you change your WiFi router password or if you want IRBot devices to be connected to a different WiFi router than the one used while Device Setup follow the steps mentioned below.

In order to Reset the WiFi configuration on IRBot device without loosing any other configured Remotes and Scenes, locate a hole at the bottom of IRBot device. Insert a pin via hole to access button, press the button 5 times (see important note below). You should see green light turned off.

Note: Do not long press the button for more than 5 seconds. That will Reset IRBot device to factory reset and you will loose all configured Remotes and Scenes.

Now you can use Setup->Device Setup->Add Device option to configure the IRBot device again. Follow the same steps as mentioned in "IRBot Device Setup" section above.


Factory Reset of IRBot Device

In order to Factory Reset the the IRBot device, please make sure the Hub IRBot device is powered ON and reachable and then use Setup->Device Setup->Factory Reset option from Android Application. This operation deletes all the configuration from IRBot device being Factory Reset and brings it in factory default state. This operation also ensures that all the Scenes accessing Remotes from this device are deleted automatically from Hub IRBot device. If Hub IRBot device is not powered ON or unreachable then the Scenes configured in Hub IRBot device will not be deleted.


After Factory Reset you can use Setup->Device Setup->Add Device option to configure the IRBot device again. Follow the same steps as mentioned in "IRBot Device Setup" section above. Try rebooting IRBot device once by pressing button through hole at back of IRBot device once after Factory Reset, if IRBot device is not detected while "Add Device" operation.


Upgrade Firmware on IRBot Device

We release the IRBot Device Firmware update bundled with Android application time to time to keep on improving user experience and improve stability of the device by resolving issues faced in the field. The release notes for each firmware version are provided with Android application release notes. We highly recommend that you upgrade the firmware after each update of Android application if required. Please note that firmware upgrade does not affect any of existing configuration including WiFi configuration, Remotes and Scenes.

In order to check if you are on latest firmware, go to Setup->Device Setup->Device Information. In the Firmware Version information you will see additional information saying "New version available". If firmware version does not show "New version available" you are on latest firmware.

If firmware upgrade is required, go to Setup->Device Setup->Firmware Upgrade option to upgrade the firmware. The process usually takes couple of minutes.

If you have multiple IRBot devices, please upgrade firmware on all devices using same procedure.



More than one IRBot devices configured as Hub:

When you add very first IRBot Device for the first time, IRBot application automatically designate the IRBot Device as Hub. The Hub IRBot device is different from other IRBot devices in two ways. Firstly, the Hub IRBot device is the one which connects to Internet and all other non-Hub IRBot devices access the Internet via Hub IRBot device. Secondly, all the Scenes are always configured in Hub IRBot device. Hence more than one IRBot devices being Hub may cause issues with Scene execution or while controlling devices using Internet.

It is important for IRBot Android application to know if Hub IRBot device is already configured, else while adding new IRBot device, Android Application might configure the device being added as Hub device again. This happens in the case when one IRBot device is already added as Hub but Android Application is not having any remotes for the Hub IRBot device. This condition can occur if the Hub device which is added is powered off and "Setup->Remotes->Reload Remote" option used from Android Application to fetch remotes from all the devices which are powered ON and within good WiFi range. It is therefore important to make sure that all the already configured IRBot devices are powered ON prior to adding new IRBot device and "Setup->Remotes->Reload Remote" option is used to fetch all remotes from all IRBot devices including Hub IRBot Device. It is also important that Android phone is in within good WiFi range during performing "Reload Remote" operation, otherwise Remotes from Hub IRBot device may not be fetched correctly.

For some reason if you have forgot to take care of above steps during IRBot Device addition, we may have a scenario where more than one IRBot devices configured as Hub. To detect if this has happned in your setup you can keep all IRBot devices powered ON and within good WiFi range of WiFi router and perform "Setup->Remotes->Reload Remote" operation from Android phone, again keeping the phone within good WiFi range of WiFi router. The "Reload Remote" operation automatically detects all IRBot devices and checks if more than one IRBot device is configured as Hub. A message will be shown by Android Application during "Reload Remote" operation, if this condition is detected.

In order to solve this scenario, we need to Factory Reset one of the IRBot device which is Hub and re-configure it again. To know which devices are Hub, check "Setup->Device Setup->Device Information" for all devices. The firmware version number will show "Hub" in the version number for devices designated as Hub. Now you can follow the procedure mentioned in "Factory Reset of IRBot Device" for each of the additional Hub devices and follow "Device Setup" again to reconfigure these devices. You will also have to add any Scenes that may get lost due to removal of additional Hub Devices.

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